ZANU PF has FAILED to maintain roads, public services and infrastructure due to its incompetence, corrupt rule and LOOTING pandemic, but still convinces poor Zimbabweans that it will restore sanity.

The by elections will be decided by the clarion call and question of ZANU PF’s  failed rule and the abuse of institutions.

These are some of the lies those who attended the Epworth Rally were made to believe. ZANU PF first Secretary, President Emmerson Mnangagwa highlighted that;

  • In terms of Covid 19, we managed to buy enough vaccines. With VP Chiwenga in charge everything is on course. Vaccines are there. We encourage people to get the booster shot.
  • Yesterday I was in Mozambique with President Filipe Nyusi we spoke of steel. We have a lot of iron ore. A very big steel plant is being build. As such a new port is being built for Zimbabwe in Mozambique.
    We agreed to work together in the exploitation of liquified gas in Manica.
  • A country must use its own currency. No country which can survive without its own currency which it controls. Many people fight us. The US$ was introduced by Cde Chinamasa not the GNU as many would want to believe to stabilise our economy.
  • We no longer need US dollar because we now have a stable economy. We can’t grow on a currency we have no control upon. The Second Republic has stabilised and is targeting 9 million revenue from abroad.
  • Our scientists formed Verify Engineering within 18 months we built a Factory in Mutare. We now produce oxygen. We got international certification where our product passed with flying colours. We produce 50 Tonnes of oxygen a day.

Who on earth would believe any of this? ZANU PF has failed to bring sanity to the lives of the CITIZENS and yet it continue to bring cheap politics to the people who know nothing. It’s high time, ZIMBABWEANS should open their eyes and see what’s beyond those T-SHIRTS they get. Zimbabwe has never had a currency, LORD knows since when but yet the PRESIDENT signifies a growth in the economy. What utter nonsense is that.  ZIMBABWEANS from all parts of the country should awake and MAKE ZIMBABWE GREAT AGAIN.


The ZANU PF Secretary highlighted on the effort to give people dignity by getting rid of “Mshikashika”. He says that, they are buying buses and a normal citizen has to ask where those buses are going.  A few are on the road and the rest we started seeing them in Epworth. Buses which are said to have been bought are being used to transport ZANU PF supporters to it’s rally’s. Come 2023, you will see many of these transporting supporters to vote.

ZANU PF has turned to Zimdancehall artistes to perform at it’s rallies in urban areas in a bid to boost crowds and woo the youth vote ahead of the March by-elections and 2023 harmonised elections.

Mbare-born producer Arnold Kamudyatiwa, popularly known as DJ Fantan and his Chillspot Records co-founder Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, aka Levelz, headlined a ZANU PF rally in Epworth where they were supported by artistes such as Enzo Ishall, Jah Master, Bazooker, Pumacol, Uncle Epatan, Ginna Marina, Automan, Shashl, Yahyah Goodvibes, Ras Pompy and Ras Caleb.

The ruling party has over the years employed diverse strategies through which it sought to consolidate and stay in power, particularly in rural areas where it promoted a culture of fear and discourses that delegitimise revellious voices.

Sources said ZANU PF views youth as a political threat, with business people aligned to the ruling party pouring in lots of money in order to help ZANU PF win the hearts of the youth through engagements with influential people like celebrities, musicians and socialites.

This has seen the likes of Passion Java, Mai Titi and Sandra Ndebele, among others openly declaring their support for ZANU PF.

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Poverty has reduced ZIMBABWEANS to non-thinkers who only run where there is money and fail to think of what their nation might be if they united to get rid of the demon which has been tormenting them for over 40 years.

Mnangagwa has for the first time admitted to some chaos and violence in the party.

“I am aware that we have by-elections in the provinces and got reports the primaries were chaotic. Yes, conflicts are allowed in the party but when a candidate wins, we must all accept the result and rally behind the one who has succeeded. This time around, the girl child has won,” he said.